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Duet Playing - Hammered Dulcimer and Guitar

Learn to play with a partner. In the first half of this workshop, the hammered dulcimer players learn a tune while the guitar players learn the backup part to this tune in a separate concurrent session.  In the second half of the workshop, the hammered dulcimer and guitar players join together to play the tune, focusing on techniques to help the instruments complement one another and making the results more musical by use of dynamics and expression.  (Intermediate/Advanced)

"We learned a tune the first hour, adding expression, embellishments, etc., and the second hour we joined forces with the guitar class and put the arrangement all together.  We had people standing around us listening as we were close to finishing off.  I truly enjoyed being part of such a musically arranged session. You both play so musically!" ~ Debbie, ODPC 2011, Evart, MI

Steve & Ruth are available to do from one-day up to week-long workshops at Festivals, Folk Schools,
Special Events, OR even in your home, followed by a house concert!

Please call Ruth for more information at 828-297-1918


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